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Project Description


Steve Ko aka Dj Ange has been present since the beginning of the emergence of house music in France.
He started to play during the underground after parties and then began airing on Radio FG 94.4 (during the old days), with two regular broadcasts weekly. He then started spinning at the newly emerging rave parties in France: Lunacy, Xanadu, House Keeper, etc (1992-1995).

Steve Ko played worldwilde and began within the UK, then Germany, Belgium, Switzerland ..
He played alongside very talented and influential musicians in the electronic music industry such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Laurent Garnier, Alton Miller, etc. Steve Ko was very influenced by the American sound, leaving his style a savory mélange between the sound of the Detroit & Berlin scenes without forgetting the influence of his origins.

In the 2000’s he moved to the south of France & opened a record store in Montpellier (1995-1998) and integrated the Tekmics Agency along with Stephanovitch, Miloch, Raplh..

Since his debut in South Florida (2001-2007), Steve Ko has been a resident at many clubs. He has played residencies and guest spots at Cream, Liquid, Hotel Biba where he has built a reputation bringing an avant guard sound to this Palm Beach hot spot.

On returning to Paris, he dedicates itself to taking out production with this mate they work on a new project “DUB CREATORS” collective group including 3 Dj’s .

2013 Steve Ko & Lucho Misterhands remix on the French label Glam Disco Records 003 “Can’t control EP”

2014 Steve Ko & Dub Creators release is first record on the swiss label Organik Records 003 “Just the way we are EP”

2016 Steve Ko & Dub Creators release a second opus on the french label  La Pince Records 002 “kanpekina Ep”

Coming soon is first EP (LPR005)  on La Pince Records.





Rex Club (FR), Distillery-Leipzig (DE), Earth Beats (DE), Privilege (FR), Magic Garden (FR), Rachdingue (SP), Folie’s Pigalle (FR), Techno Parade (FR), Batofar (FR), Panic Room (FR).


Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, D’Julz, Dj Hell, Dj Deep, Manu le Malin, Jack de Marseille, Electric Rescue, Stephanovitch, Jérôme Pacman …